The Umbrella Guy: Tales From A Promotional Products Salesman

The 10 Magic Phrases of Customer Service (From Entrepreneur)

Great piece from Entrepreneur Magazine– The 10 Magic Phrases of Customer service. This is what it takes to be successful. This is what we do every day. I especially love “Monday Means Monday” and “I Will Take Responsibility”. Such simple concepts and still so difficult to find companies following these principles. Click here to read […]

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Rubber ducks as a promotional item? Seriously? It’s true. PromoShop has been handing out rubber ducks since they opened their doors exactly fifteen years ago this week. Memo (owner of PromoShop) was given these as a gift by one of his suppliers when he started the company and they somehow morphed into the company’s mascot […]

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The Point of the Stylus Pen

When I first encountered them, I really didn’t see the point (no pun intended). Now, I can’t live without mine. Whether or not you physically write on your tablet or iphone, this piece is a huge help. If you do write, it’s a must have. As such, the stylus is now one of the best branding/premium opportunities […]

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If you’ve ever made hats, you probably remember that the lowest price you’ll pay for a hat embroidered in one location is somewhere in the neighborhood of $5. One of my suppliers is running a special that will allow you to embroider in THREE locations for that amount. For right around $6 you can do […]

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A New Spin on the Beer Pong Cup